M.Y.O. is the acronym of MAKE YOUR OWN and synonymous to Do It Yourself or Make It Yourself. It’s an underground diy activities based in Tayabas, Quezon (Philippines) fueled by passion and dedication to support the diy local and foreign subculture music scenes.
The D.I.Y. activities of M.Y.O. was started way back in 1995 when husband and wife tandem "Gani & Adie" started to make a diy cut and paste typewritten fanzine known as MAKE YOUR OWN ZINE, the first and only punkzine for animal awareness in the local punk scene during the 90’s because Gani is an animal lover and a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. We had released a total of four issues of Make Your Own Zine and two issues of HEART’S DESIRE JOURNAL (a personal zine done by Adie). We also released four issues of free newsletter called BANAHAW D.I.Y. NEWSLETTER. These underground reading materials (except Heart’s Desire Journal) were distributed to all our friends in the local and international diy punk scenes thru old-fashioned postal networking system also known as "snail mail".
That same year when we created another diy project called M.Y.O. DISTRO. We started to distribute then local and foreign diy xerox copied zines, free newsletters, diy and pro-printed cassette tapes (demo and full-length album), CDs, 7”EPs, LPs, books, anarchopunk pamphlets, patches, pins, posters, various imported punk and hardcore printed magazines like Profane Existence, Inside Front, Bamboo Girl, Contrascience, No Idea Zine, Toxic Flyer Fanzine, Join Kao, Aneurysm, Screams From Inside, Counterculture, Stubby Fingaz, Class War, Heartattack, and we became the official distributor in our country of the famous international networking punk zine known as Slug & Lettuce.
Year 2003 when M.Y.O. became inactive in the local scene due to some problems with our busy schedules, but after 4 years of hibernation, we’re back in action in 2007 to support again the scene.
M.Y.O. Distro is still alive and kicking! This is our passion, a way of helping to promote camaraderie among the people who are into counterculture music scene. This is our tribute to the scene and we do it because we believe in it!

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c/o Gani & Adie
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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Japanese hardcore punk monsters DEGENERATE "Destreation" CD now available through M.Y.O. Distro for only 200.00 Php. and it comes with free sticker and released by a japanese label Bronze Fist Records.
BRONZE FIST RECORDS brings you "Harimau Asia Tenggara Southeast Asian Tour" with Osaka's DEGENERATE and Nara's DEMANDA. It's the Japanese Helloween Occupation! They will play in Manila, Philippines on 31th Oct, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 1st Nov and Singapore on 2nd Nov 2014. Be there!!!

THE SKELETON YEARS - Pieces of Recovery (Still ILL) 150.00 Php.
The 2nd EP of this new wave post punk melodic band from South Manila.

ARMAS NG LIAS "Street + Live" Cassette Tape (Still iLL) 150.00 Php.
Hardcore hiphop with brutal tunes based in Bulacan, Philippines. Limited to 100 copies on yellow tint. Sealed!

VEILS - Self-titled Demo 2014 Cassette Tape (Left Hand Path Press) 150.00 Php.
Ferocious hardcore punk band from Manila scene featuring 3 songs. Limited to 40 copies.

EARGASM ZINE #3 / MANONG ZINE #5 Split Issue with TOXEMIA new demo CDr 2014 100.00 Php.
The fifth assault of MANONG ZINE featuring Corix of No Bullshit Zine from Cavite, Ominous 19 Clothing, Deadflesh Architest, Restus, Surrogate Prey, some cool articles plus zine / records / gig reviews. The 3rd issue of EARGASM ZINE is considered as the “Resurrection “ issue featuring interviews with Lividity, Guillotined and Ataul; and lots of zine and CD reviews.

UNFORCE / CURRAHEE / TRUTH INSIDE – 3 Way Split 7" EP yellow color vinyl (Commitment) 300.00 Php.
Split of 3 straightedge hardcore bands featuring the band UNFORCE from Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines plus two foreign bands.

UNFORCE - Time For Change Cassette Tape (XThinkPositiveX / XConvictionX) 200.00 Php.
Straightedge hardcore band from Pagbilao, Quezon. This is the cassette tape version of this album available in green tint and purple tint color and limited to 50 copies only.

BAD OMEN - Black Cat LP (Multi-Labels) 650.00 Php.
Remastered songs from their first self-titled album originally released on cassette format by Middle Finger Productions in 1994. Clear blue vinyl with black cover sleeve is the only color available from MYO Distro.

BAD OMEN - Black Cat Poster 50.00 Php.

THROW - Stand CD (Self-released) 150.00 Php.
A four piece old school hardcore band conceived in 2002, remnants of Dead Ends and Private Stock. This is their 4th album, featuring 23 songs.

FEUD - For The Sake of Unity? 7"EP (Mutilated Noise) 300.00 Php. or discounted price at 800.00 Php. if you get the 3 colors
Featuring remastered songs from the classic “For The Sake of Unity” MCD originally released by Take 4 Collective in 2001. Positive,Political, Powerful sxe hardcore band from Philippines. Comes in blue, red and black vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.

USUL – Flames and Blasphemy CD (Usul / 3rd Inferno) 400 Php.
USUL is a one man pinoy band inspired by the creed of solitude and created by Unlight Warbringer of Incarion, an extreme black metal band from Philippines. This first album of USUL "Flames and Blashemy" contains 6 unrelenting tracks of Asiatic Ancestral Black Metal with a bonus track taken from their first demo. Released in professionally pressed CD in Digihub with shrink-wrapped and printed in the USA.


Note: All prices included here are direct “pick-up” price only. If you want to place an order via mail-order, contact us first at myo.distro@gmail.com and we will give you the exact computation of the stuff you want to get from our distro and its corresponding postage rate / freight rate. The package will be sent to you via registered mail, Express Pouch Service of the Philpost or thru LBC Delivery. We sometimes accept trades if we like your stuff, but let me know first your trade offer.



INCAPACITATE - March To The Death (Mandarangan) 120.00 Php.
All-filipino thrash metal band from Chicago, USA. Thrash metal music with hints of grindcore, crust and sometimes black metal. The four members have been a part of the Filipino underground culture before migrating to the United States. Playing in local bands like Bad Omen, Anal Scream, Aklas, Destruction Of Trust, Sunctum, among others.


SICK SAD WORLD - We Mean Well (Self-released) 50.00 Php.
All girl diy punk / riot grrrl band from Melbourne, Australia. It comes with lyrics sheet.


BULLDOZED - Demonyomurdergangcore (Still iLL)
This tape reissue contains the 4-song demo plus 3 live tracks recorded somewhere in Laguna. Full colored cover on pro-pressed tape, Limited to 200 copies.


5 # BRACCIO - Blackout A Torino (EU’91 SerbianLeague) 300.00 Php
Absolutely essential early 80s Italian punk / hc including members of Negazione, Contrazione, Declino and Kollettivo. Includes the complete “Vanchiglia ‘82” demo tape, all songs from “Assillo Politico” and “Papi Queens…” v/a 7” + an awesome selection of unreleased live footage. A true milestones in official re-issues of Italian punk from its golden age..

12 AULLIDOS - CDep (Six Weeks) 350.00 Php.
Killing hardcore from Spain that fuses power violence, old school HC and touches of modern hardcore heaviness! Slow disturbed interludes erupt into violent storms of thrash. This band is head and shoulders above anyone else in this genre. This disc has their hard to find self released EP as well as 2 unreleased gems. Also includes CDROM live gig footage. Sealed CD.

ABUSO SONORRO - Herencia (Six Weeks) 350.00 Php.
First ever full length from this long time political hardcore band from Brazil. 13 great tracks of bulldozer crust unmatched by any band past, present or future!! Total intensity and intelligence at work. Comes with huge booklet of lyric translations and writings/commentary by the band. Already a classic record. Sealed CD.

ANSWER CRYING - Under The Authority (Tribal War Asia) 250.00 Php.
Another great band from Tokyo, Japan. Hardcore, crusty and fast. Sounds sort of CRUDE SS, MOB 47 and other Swedish HC! Its really reminds me of FRAMTID!! 11 tracks in all.

ASS - Sink (Profane Existence) 150.00 Php.
Five tracks from the energetic queer positive snottiest DIY raw anarchopunk rock band in Minneapolis, USA in the vein of early 90s East Bay bands such as Blatz and Filth playing rousing scream along anthems.

ATOMGEVITTER - Thrash Ritual (Multi-labels) 200.00 Php.
Seven years in the making, Atomgevitter 'debut' album Thrash Ritual is out now. 40 tracks from various different recording sessions over the years, over half unreleased, all remastered, re plastered and rethrashtered for your bed room circle pitting pleasure. If you're more of the chillin out in a chair with cup of herb tea whilst listening to 3 Scots and a Kraut thrash themselves senseless persuasion you can enjoy the 24 page booklet full of lyrics, explanations, humerous tales, badly lit pictures of the band falling over on stage in far away lands etc whilst blastin this little beauty. Asian pressing for their South East Asia Tour.

BLACK HELL - Deformers of the Universe (Hater of God) 300.00 Php.
Arizona's awful dry heat must have really done a number on Black Hell. Their debut full length "Deformers of the Universe" is seven tracks of bleak doom with enough apathy and bitterness to keep even the most jaded listeners interested. No strangers to abrasive music, the members that comprise Black Hell put in hard time in some of Arizona's truly infamous bands (UNRUH, WELLINGTON, CAROL ANN). They show no signs of slowing down on the trail of aural destruction that they've been blazing for years. Black Hell is a crushing funeral dirge topped with molten leads and ghastly vocals. Heavy, unforgiving and dark from beginning to end. You'll be left with a feeling of hopelessness similar to being stranded in the desert at sundown. This release is rounded off with the kind of superior, unique packaging you expect from the good people at Hater Of God and more stunning art from Mike Sutfin (SKINLESS, MONSTER X, 9 SHOCKS TERROR). The Mad Hatters of Black Matter aren't only going to pound you into dust, but they're going to do it in style! For fans of Black Sabbath, Eyehategod and High On Fire. Sealed.

BREAD AND WATER - Everything So Far (Burrito) 350.00 Php.
A thirty song discography of this powerful and popular band from Dallas, TX. By taking the melodic-but-powerful approach incorporated by bands like So Much Hate and adding their own flavor.

CERTIFIED INSANE - Raw, Crude n’ Relentless (HMW) 300.00 Php.
First full length album from this German grindcore band. Think Napalm Death meets Haemorrhage and you get a picture of this killer noise, intense as heavy as hell.

CHAINSAW - No Since 1991 (Six Weeks) 350.00 Php.
This is the full collection of the raging Japanese hardcore unit Chainsaw!! Destroying the Japan hardcore scene since 1991, this collects all their rare recordings on the great Bloodsucker label as well as hard-to-find compilation tracks and EP/MCD releases from great Japanese punk labels as MCR Co. and Dan-Doh Records. See why this band is one of Japan's best-kept secrets¦.until now that is!! This is traditional, metallic Japanese punk at its finest and ready to throttle your ears!! Get that studded leather jacket out and prepare to battle the corrupt bastard system!! Sealed CD.

CO-ARSE / KURWA APARATA Split (Life on The Edge) 250.00 Php.
Raw crust grind punk noisy band from Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines versus Austrian d-beat crust punk drunk noise band. Released in Malaysia.

COLLAPSE - Destroying by Design (Great White North) 300.00 Php.
Utterly obliterating old school blasting death / grind insanity from this Canadian terror. If your idea of a good time = Terrorizer + early Kataklysm + Suffocation: You need this!!! Released in 2006 and re-edited with extra video.

CORE ROTTEN - Compost (Self-released) 200.00 Php.
Suburban hardcore punk rock n’ roll from Detroit, Michigan, USA. This is their first release and without a doubt, this a shining light at the end of the tunnel for an era filled with Agnostic Front rip-offs and crossover bands.

CORE ROTTEN - Such A Waste (Disdain Records) 200.00 Php.
Their 2nd release, some fresh new tracks from these Michigan 80s HC influenced punks. Audio quality is great, these kids really know how to play their shit. Pick this up if you're a fan of good street punk.

CRUX / PAZAHORA - Split (Tenzenmen) 150.00 Php.
Another yet to be among the best crust bands from Asia Pacific region. Pazahora from Singapore plays melodic driven epic crust, rock out and have this similar sound with bands like Tragedy, or From Ashes Rises. Crux from Australia deliver another 5 songs that have this strong stench feeling inside. Imagine bands like Amebix, Sacrilege or newer one Sanctum, you will get the answer. Sometimes they are fast and throw some mid pace crust but to describe them perfectly, the music is heavy. Comes in a digi-slipcase with woodcut images of the apocalypse. Crust fans will dig this.

DEADSERAPHIM - Discography (The Electric Human Project) 250.00 Php.
Deadseraphim played a key role in a time that was dominated by bands like Usurp Synapse, Neil Perry, Jeromes Dream, and many other shortlived, chaotic driven machines. Though only around from 2000-2002, they were still able to siphon twelve tracks of uncontrolled, reckless bedlam into minds everywhere. These tracks were released in the format of a s/t 7", split LP with Montcalm, and a split 7" with Drowning In Lethe. This discography brings them all together, along with five other previously unreleased live tracks, for the first time in CD format. Envision an amalgamation of Mohinder, Reversal Of Man, and You & I. Throbbing double bass, manic guitars, and songs that hurt like repeated stab wounds. This is Deadseraphim. Sealed CD.

DEIPHAGO - Satan Alpha Omega (Hellsheadbangers) 600.00 Php.
Experiencing DEIPHAGO is like diving into the mouth of hell. On their third album, “Satan Alpha Omega,” the Filipino power-trio open that maw even wider, swallowing whole the listener within their sulfurous storm. Heaving with horrific intensity, DEIPHAGO blast forth with nine hateful hymns bursting with vortextural riffing, mind-melted solos, decimated (and decimating) drums, and poisonous tongues exalting the devil in all his forms. If their previous two albums redefined black metalled violence, “Satan Alpha Omega” shall wipe the slate clean! Prepare for Extermination!!!

DISPREZZO - Nel Mio Mondo il Sole Non Sorge Mai (Agipunk) 300.00 Php.
Are you ready for the new assault of Italian HC? Another band showing the world what we mean by New Wave of Italian Crust!! Heavy and powerful metallicrust filled with melodies and old school Italian Anger. Addicted to Sweden!!!

DOWN FROM THE WOUND - Violence & The Macabre (Comatose Music) 500.00 Php.
Their 2nd album featuring nearly fifty minutes of flesh shredding Southeast Asian brutality with old school atmosphere and organic production. Down from the Wound are no strangers to the death metal scene. Hailing from the Philippines, they have been punishing eardrums since 2002 with their nasty combination of inhuman breakdowns and technical riffing reminiscent of bands like Disgorge, Gorgasm and Lust of Decay.

ESKUPITAJO 100 % - Punk Destroy (WC) 300.00 Php.
Hardcore from Spain. 2 punks and a skin. Sraightforward basic driving thrash unaffected by other musical styles.

FORCA MACABRA / ARMAGEDDON - Split (Six Weeks) 350.00 Php.
The legendary Brazil HC band Armageddon made its initial return with the release of this material from 1989. Mastered off a 10-year-old cassette tape this is some crude, manic crossover death-core in the vein of Slayer. Forca Macabra from Finland contribute 9 brutal studio tracks that blow all their previous (and current) output away, still singing in Portuguese and still out of control!!! Sealed CD.

GUERNICA Y LUNO - Wszytkie Sztandary Tak Mocno…… (Nikt Nic Nie Wie) 300.00 Php.
Guernica y Luno was a Polish anarchopunk band formed in 1992 in Słupsk anf one of the most important peace punk bands from our diy universe with thought provoking lyrics and anger. It comes with huge fold out poster with all the lyrics and translations included.

GUILLOTINED - Souls Eternally Devoured (Brute) 250.00 Php.
Guillotined, formerly Uteral Regurgity. A brutal death metal band from Dasmarinas Cavite Philippines. was formed October 2007. If you are into Disgorge, Disavowed and Devourment, watch out for this!

HARDA TIDER / MILISI KECOA - Split (Multi-labels) 200.00 Php.
Hårda Tider is a hardcore band from Malmö aka “Crime City”, southern Sweden. They offers 5 new songs of raging old school hardcore with a dash of D-beat for good measure. They also throw in a killer rendition of Anti Cimex “Scandanavian Jawbreaker” . Milisi Kecoa on other hand belted out 6 songs of straight forward no frills 80‘s inspired hardcore punk, one of which was a cover from early Indonesian hardcore unit known as The Clown.

HELLOWAR - On The March To The Final Doom (Revulsion) 200.00 Php.
A new album with bonus songs collection from their previous EP. Hellowar plays a style of metallic crust hardcore (neo-crust) not ublike Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Black Dove, The Holy Mountain, and such. Comes with full color artwork gatefold packaging and a live video set!

HELLSISTER - Freedom, Desecrate & Hellraise (Tribal War Asia) 250.00 Php.
All female anarcho-punk band from Malaysia with intelligent, socially aware lyrics. Evokes memories of SPITBOY, ANTI PRODUCT, and HARUM SCARUM. Comes in a 7" sleeve.

HOPE YOU CHOKE - Self-titled (One Percent) 250.00 Php.
10 songs of apocalyptic hardcore (solos and all) by ex-holding on, the real enemy, a summary execution, and bodies lay broken members. Hope You Choke is one of a few metallic hardcore bands that one could recognize in the crowd. It's relatively unique and an unarguably fun, high-energy listen.

HUMAN MASTICATION - Persecute to Bloodbath (Sevared) 300.00 Php.
New CD from one of the Philippines Most Brutal Ultra Guttural Death Metal bands! This CD will feature 7 brand new tracks! It will have 4 new songs taken for this album, 1 brand new Single song, and 2 tracks taken from the Split 7" w/ Small Pox Aroma. Their Most Brutal work to date!! Released in the USA.

HUMAN MASTICATION - Driven to Kill (Pathologically Explicit) 350.00 Php.
Brutal death outfit from Davao, Philippines is back with a merciless new album titled, Driven To Kill loaded with 10 bludgeoning opus! Repulsive coverart done by Mottla brutal art! Released in Spain.

IMMORAL SQUAD - Self-titled (Doomsday Machine) 250.00 Php.
This band from Quebec, Canada play a powerful blend of speed hardcore and crust with violent vocals. They took form at the end of 1989 and fade out in 1994, but the band reformed in 2006. More than 20 songs with 7”ep sleeve style of packaging.

INDIGESTI - Lubeck Live 02.09.87 (Vacation House) 300.00 Php.
Great Italian hardcore punk legend from the early days! 26 tracks - 66 minutes., 18 pages booklet with pictures. Recorded live at Alternative / Lubeck in Germany. Indigesti are very popular in Europe & USA during '81 to '87 and have collectively sold nearly 30.000 units everywhere. For fans of Bad Brains, 7 Seconds, Discharge, Minor Threat, GBH, Suicidal Tendencies, Warzone & Italian bands like Wretched, Negazione, CCM, Raw Power, Crash Box, Declino & more........CULT!!!!!!!

INDIGESTI - Sguardorealta (Vacation House) 350.00 Php.
Fast & furious old school hardcore from Italy, All known recordings of this band. Studio cuts from 1981 to 1983 including their first demo and split 7". Indigesti were Italy's answer to early Bad Brains in a very personal way, but these songs have guitar riffs that are as legendary and pure as stuff like Mob 47's ‘Karvapen Attack’ EP. In few words: milestones in the history of worldwide hardcore. I got a tape copy of this album from BCT Records. My fave!!!

KILLED IN ACTION - Exit Wounds (Get The Axe) 300.00 Php.
HARDCORE. Blasting bursts of anger and energy come rushing forward to shred and thrash and mangle as Killed In Action unleash fifteen tracks of mayhem.Hailing from Columbus, Ohio Killed In Action are a six piece with two guitars, two singers, a bass player and a drummer. "Exit Wounds" includes all their recorded material as well as a QuickTime video. Sealed CD.

KOBAYASHI - Neuansrich 300.00 Php.
Second full length release of this melodic, powerful, fast and aggressive hardcore punk (Quarantine meets Verbal Assault) from Bremen, Germany with an urgent political message, great looking digipack packaging and 20 page booklet.

LAUGHIN DOGS - The Death They Will Give You (Ding Dong Ditch) 300.00 Php.
Former members of the Offenders and Poison 13. These guys make you feel young again with their old school rockin’ punk, straightforward, rough n’ tumble hardcore. Melodic mid tempo, but energetic and memorable guitar riffs that are complimented by meandering bass lines and aggressive drums that support clean, but angry vocals. The lyrics are a mix of personal and political, and are all printed out in a nicely DVD-type package.

LEGITIME DEFONCE - Ya Basta (Panx) 150.00 Php.
Premier political melodic hardcore punk band from Toulouse, France. They are the Bad Religion of France. Released in 1996.

MACHINE GUN ROMANTICS - Everything So Far (625 Productions) 350.00 Php.
This collects the 625 debut EP, extra tracks from that session, their demo and a live show for a total of 35 tracks!! This band embodies the new breed of fastcore/power violence bands coming up now-a-days... fucking high energy fastcore from the lone star state.

MASSMORD - Inget Liv / Inget Dod (Crimes Against Humanity) 350.00 Php.
11 tracks of downtuned and dark Swedish hardcore with lots of piercing guitar leads, brutal bass lines, whirlwind drumming, and dual fe/male trade-off vocals. And even though this might fall under the category of modern melodic crust it's overall much faster than the average bands playing similar styles. Think Wolfbrigade and To What End? mixed with some From Ashes Rise and Kylesa.

METH AND GOATS - Attack From The Meth And Goats Mountain (Electric Human Project) 250.00 Php.
Post-hardcore METH AND GOATS prove that punk-rock doesn't have to be overproduced and glossy on "attack from meth and goats mountain". They rip through 42min. worth of post-hardcore dirt-rock comparable to bands like TRANSISTOR and THE BLOOD BROTHERS, but with an originality all of its own. METH AND GOATS marry an art damaged punk sound with an absurd amount of spaced out jams, numbing feedback, and distorted screams that reeks of beer and body odor. Raw, rough around the edges, and catchy as sin.

MICHAEL CRAFTER / FAMILY MAN / INJAKMATI - 3 Way Split Thrash Detonation (Multi-labels) 200.00 Php.
Split CD of the craziest South East Asia Tour July 2011. MICHAEL CRAFTER is two piece grindcore/powerviolence act from Dee Why, Sydney offering 6 new songs with one doom song not to be missed. FAMILY MAN is seriously rocking archaic hardcore-punk band from Germany's capital city Berlin featuring members of Atomgevitter, heavy shit, crazy riffs, a must! . This is fast classic hardcore-punk with a few modern twists. Seven songs taken from both of their full length releases. INJAKMATIi, Indonesian raw grind bulldozer outfit blasting with five songs taken from their split with Black Sister.

MONKEY EATING FLESH / SEVERE METASTASIS - Split “Lychantopic Bestial Butchery” (BVT) 150.00 Php.
Monkey Eating Flesh is a 4 piece guttural slamming brutal porngrind band from Meycuayan, Bulacan, Philippines split with Severe Metastasis, a one man death/grind holocaust band from Baguio, Philippines. Released by BVT Records from Korea.

MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE - Complete Discography 1997-2004 (Profane Existence) 300.00 Php.
Powerful UK '82 Discharge style punk from this band of veteran punks from Germany. This is the bands’ discography with all Studio recordings of their early EPs, demo, all sampler tracks and a couple of unreleased songs and alternate versions, and split LP tracks completely digitally remastered from 1997-2004. Murder Disco Experience plays hardcore punk with a crust influence. Their songs are heavy and catchy, and the whole record goes by a little too quickly.

MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE - Stuttgard (Profane Existence) 300.00 Php.
Powerful UK '82 style anarcho-punk! This record catches MDX shortly after their Balkan experience, delivering 12 tracks of no frills, no bullshit, adrenaline-overdosed, pissed hardcore punk (and we mean that!) with the occasional hook. Features Ex- and current members of Belching Beet, Severed Head of State, Endrophobia, Cluster Bomb Unit, Suicide Blitz, Detestation and of course current and future ex-members of Murder Disco X!

ORDRENEKT - Guddommelic Incest (Hardcore Holocaust) 300.00 Php.
Norweigian hardcore punk, killing with searing guitars and ‘80s punk style. The CD version also includes their debut EP tracks plus an unreleased song from the same session. Sealed CD.

OTOPHOBIA - Malignant (Slap-A-Ham) 300.00 Php.
Philly's thrashcore heroes deliver an aural anvil to the cranium with 21 new blistering high speed anthems. Extensive touring and previous 7"s have laid the groundwork for the ultimate crustcore epic, Malignant, their full length debut. With markedly (anti) political lyrics and an unrelenting steamroller of speedy hardcore, Otophobia is poised to flatten the punk scene and butcher its sacred cows. When all of the crusty street punks are wearing Otophobia patches, don't say we didn't warn you.

PARADE OF THE LIFELESS - The Anatomy of A People Bondage (Dead Alive) 250.00 Php.
Sick, twisted, brutal, and fucked real-deal technical death-grind hatecore direct from the ugliest pits of Buffalo, New York. Fast and heavy bursts of sheer headblow broken up with acoustic interludes, jazzy breakdowns, wind chimes and that sort of crap. Features former members of AVULSION. Includes a Jimi Hendrix cover just for grins.

PARTIYA - Assholeraisers (No Bread) 200.00 Php.
Crust punk with elements of grind from Minsk, Belarus.

PATHOGEN - Lust of Evil (Old Temple) 400.00 Php.
Six tracks of malicious aural fornications, blasphemy and evil. Over 32 minutes of rotten, sleazy death metal for old darkness school metal maniacs. “Lust Of Evil” MCD featuring two cassette EP’s from early years. Three tracks from the original 'Lust Of Evil' cassette tape from 2011 and three tracks from the 2012 'Gryphon' cassette EP. Included also are two cover tracks, "Rites Of The Tyrant" by the ancient Malaysian death hordes, BRAIN DEAD and another one , "Another Destructive Century" from 80's Philippine anarcho-punk luminaries, Intoxication Of Violence. Released in Poland.

PLEASANT VALLEY CHILDREN - Welcome To Bedlam Valley (Flat Earth Records) 350.00 Php.
Ex-Generic, pre-Health Hazard, Suffer, Boxed In. Out of the barren wastelands of the late 80s / early 90s, came Pleasant Valley Children. Unique both sonically and lyrically, a warped collision between early Black Flag, early Rudimentary Peni, and vintage Born Against. Cruel, sneering vocals and bludgeoning musicianship lend this 40 song discography a menacing air that’s ugly as all fuck and sure to batter down your resolve no matter how strong you figure yourself to be. It contain a 28 page booklet.

PULL OUT AN EYE - Self-titled 250.00 Php.
Fast n’ furious hardcore / punk from Belorusian outfit. Loads of blazing tempos, blasting drums, and straight-up shouting vocals, as well as cool uses of rocked out chord progressions and subtle melody in addition to loose, jangly playing styles that allow more texture and feeling to shine through.

PUS VOMIT - Degrade the Worthless (Berdugo) 300.00 Php. RESTOCK
Finally the Debut CD from the Philippine's Pus Vomit. "Degrade The Worthless" is a vile onslaught of misogynistic Guttural Brutal Death Metal in sickening depths of depravity in the tradition of Lividity, Devourment, Lust of Decay, etc.. This is an absolute decimation of degradation! with sick cover art done by Mike Majewski from Devourment!! First pro-press release of Berdugo Records from Singapore. GET THIS NOW!!!

RAW POWER - Still Screaming After 20 Years (Six Weeks) 350.00 Php.
Newest release from Italy's hardcore punk legends. 17 new rippers in 30 minutes, this is punk at its finest and most intense. Dedicated in mourning to Guiseppe Codeluppi, founding member and guitarist for R.P. who sadly passed away recently. His desire and dedication lives in all of us. Sealed CD.

RESISTANT CULTURE - Welcome to Reality (Multi-labels) 200.00 Php.
A new edition of RESISTANT CULTURE's debut compact disc 'Welcome to Reality' made possible by the band's own 7th Generation Records, Profane Existence, Shaman Records, Delusion of Terror and a host of DIY punk and hardcore labels from around the world. Sixteen tracks of urgent tribal grindcrust from the original line up featuring Jesse Pintado (RIP) from Napalm Death and Terrorizer.

REMISSION - Ninety Five to Ninety Eight (Profane Existence) 350.00 Php.
Before there was Wartorn, before Worlds That Burn, the hordes of northern Wisconsin crust punks moshed counter-clockwise in delight for their previous efforts in Remission. This CD contains 24 tracks and includes all three EPs plus their entire 1995 "Human Compassion" demo cassette. This is rough and raging hardcore punk that falls somewhere between Disrupt and Civil Disobedience. An important blast from the past.

RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE - Discography (Gloom) 300.00 Php.
This CD includes their LP, their 7", and two extra bonus tracks. Run For Your Fucking Life's sound is a raw surge of '80s hardcore, in particular Econochrist. Every song is harsh and ready to explode, and yet underneath it all there is a melodic element that helps to really round out their sound. The band hails from San Diego, USA.

SARNIA - Polluted / Diseased (Straight Outta Cobden) 200.00 Php.
A crusty new ensemble from northern Ontario that combine a healthy dose of crust punk, grind and even a little metalcore into their powerful mix. Included on their debut EP are eight varied but fast-paced tracks, all of with gutturally screamed vocals and decidedly political lyrics.

SEITAN - D-Beat Hippie Lover (Inget Javla Chafs) 300.00 Php.
This 14 track CD is the debut release by Seitan, an intensely furious d-beat hardcore band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Musically Seitan play raw and brutal hardcore punk in a style that pays homage classic early 80's d-sound. On top of it all are guttural style vocals that give this an over-all sound not too dissimilar to the first couple of Sore Throat albums. While the message herein is totally political, there is an obviously humorous undertone to everything band does, keeping it interesting and setting them apart from all the other d-beat clones.

SEWN SHUT - Rediscovering the Dead “2001 – 2002” (SelfMade God) 300.00 Php.
The CD compiles 29 songs from all vinyl splits with Squash Bowels, Embalming Theatre, Ulcerrhoea, Mind Collage, Man In Shackles and three additional tracks taken from "Polar Grinder" LP. All recordings made during 2001 and 2002. 27 minutes of heavy, ripping and ferocious Scandinavian grindcore madness with dual low/high vocals, breakdowns, no complex metal guitar riffs, crisp and clean drums, simply straight on hardcore brutality. Grindcore to the max!!!

STACK - Konkret Lichtgeschwindikeit (Six Weeks) 350.00 Php.
When it comes too all out thrashcore mastery no one in Europe compares to Stack!! Light speed fastcore meets violent hardcore like Drop Dead or Capitalist Casualties. One of the best thrashcore records released in 4 years, this shit is off the hook!! CD version serves as a discography containing the tracks from the LP as well as all their previous recordings. Sealed CD.

STATE OF THE UNION - In the Bitter End (Profane Existence) 350.00 Php.
This discographic CD includes five pulverizing new tracks (for an unreleased 12” recorded in 2000) plus their self-titled LP and both EPs in their entirety. State of the Union played dark, introspective, and despair-driven gloom core in a style that groups them with likes of Dystopia, Christdriver, Asbestos Death, and even some Neurosis and Godflesh. This CD is a long overdue final testament and contains practically they ever recorded and has a total run time of 79.45 minutes.

STIFF RESISTANCE - Stained Glass (Anti-Corporate Music) 300.00 Php.
12 songs of ass busting punk rock and ska from Music City, USA. This band is against racism, sexism, neo-conservatism and other forms of bullshit!

SYSTRAL - Fever (Per Koro) 400.00 Php.
Follow up to their brilliant and classic 7", another apocalyptic, heavy killer output with 13 songs (included a Kyle Minogue cover version) and more great samplings. The CD contains the classic 7", some compilation songs and an unreleased Motörhead cover tribute song to the highway. This CD will leave you standing speechless!!

SUPERSLEUTH - The Hate Divides (Underestimated) 170.00 Php.
Melodic, fast tempoed hardcore band. They continue to fuse 80s hardcore and straight ahead punk into a tight, fast mix. Compared to No For An Answer, Avail, and Mouthpiece, but not exactly like any of them. Their sound is full of energy, plus the lyrics are insightful and intelligent.

TERATOGENY - Mundo Famelico (Magnicidio Records) 250.00 Php.
Late 80’s / early 90’s style crust from this band from Mexico City. Their style is down-tuned and leans heavily on early grindcore influences like Terrorizer too, much like the more frenetically paced songs of Destroy. They end the CD on a particularly brutal rendition of the classic DOOM song “After The Bomb”.

THE BOLLOCKS - Revival (Life On The Edge) 300.00 Php.
One of the oldest and most respected mid 90s punk band from Malaysia playing 80s style political punk. This new CD of The Bollocks contains new studio tracks, old songs from their 1994 demo plus cover from Mass Separation.

THE COOTERS - The Moon Will Rise Again (T-Bones) 300.00 Php.
The second full length experience from the Cooters, "Mississippi's only punk / metal / crust band" full on immersion into punk, metal, and blues-laced stoner rock featuring former Profane Existence editor and PISSED guitarist. Newt Rayburn.

THE COOTERS - The Punk Metal (Profane Existence) 300.00 Php.
The Cooters are a trio of punk metal bastards, willingly exiled to the backwoods of Mississippi to spread the gospels on the front lines. Being their third and best full-length release, this CD was written and constructed over the course of three years and skillfully recorded by Tom Queyja. The Cooters have been blowing away unsuspecting audiences since 1993, formed when bass player Newter Cooter returned to his home territory after living for some time in Minneapolis (where he previously formed the band Pissed and helped edit Profane Existence Magazine).

TSA - Back to Kindegarten (Rough Draft Music) 200.00 Php.
Old school pinoy punk band from Bulacan, Philippines but currently based in Singapore. This 3rd album features a collection of 15 cover songs mostly from the 80’s pinoy punk bands plus 2 original songs. Great tribute to the pioneers of Philippine punk scene. Released in Singapore.

UCK GRIND - Justice EP (Self-released) 200.00 Php.
Grindcore from Istanbul, Turkey. Their music is mix of Doom, Industrial and Grind. One of Turkey’s most promising bands.

UNDER PRESSURE - Still No Future (Sound Pollution) 350.00 Php.
Totally out of control hardcore thrash with more bad ass riffs than thought possible. UNDER PRESSURE mixes intense fast hardcore with some killer ZEKE style rock riffs plus one hell of a recording for maximum damage. UNDER PRESSURE is not a new band as much as it is a continuation from where its predecessor, GUNS, LIQUOR & WHORES left off. That probably explains why the band is soooo fucking good right away.

UNRUH - Misery Strengthened Faith (King of the Monsters) 400.00 Php.
Eighteen tracks of un-apologetically metal hardcore from Tempe, Arizona's legendary Unruh. The CD includes their LP, their 7", the split 7" with Enewetak, as well as a comp track. Bludgeoning, vicious, brutal, and metal.

USUL – Flames and Blasphemy (Usul / 3rd Inferno) 400 Php.
USUL is a one man pinoy band inspired by the creed of solitude and created by Unlight Warbringer of Incarion, an extreme black metal band from Philippines. This first album of USUL "Flames and Blashemy" contains 6 unrelenting tracks of Asiatic Ancestral Black Metal with a bonus track taken from their first demo. Released in professionally pressed CD in Digihub with shrink-wrapped and printed in the USA.

V/A - 3 Ways of Armageddon (Fuck It All) 300.00 Php.
A three way split CD of uniquely different hardcore, punk and crust from Finland (Irritate – Finnish grind), Brazil (Social Chaos – D-beat Brazilian crust) and Holland (Olho de Gato – Dutch youththrash).

V/A - 4 Ways To Thrash Your Silly Stereo (Multi-label) 300.00 Php.
33 songs from this 4 bands. Isolamnento from Italy played rad metallic fast hardcore. Dollie Parton come from Malaysia throw some raw and snotty trashcore with vocal ala Vivisick. 4 Sivits rules. They have this fine tune not unlike 88 bands and some 80's impact unit, verbal abuse style hardcore. And last is Mr Murungio from Italy play a cross between old crossover stuff. Taking example band like HHH, raw power and the latest one Opus Dead. This is great releases to check out.

V/A - Blastnight (Thrash Ahoy) 250.00 Php.
CD compilation with Power of Idea, Unholy Grave, Defect, Sound Like Shit, World Downfall, Battle of Disarm, Gate, Terrible Headache, Demisor, etc.

V/A - Boston (United 2003): A Punk & Hardcore Compilation 2xCD (Rodent Popsicle) 400.00 Php.
This is a sampler of the Boston area Punk and Hardcore scene in 02 & 03. Many of these bands have releases on Rodent Popsicle Records and several other quality independent labels. Many have self-released records or demos. Bands featured are: The Profits, A Global Threat, Defcon 4 , Disaster Strikes, For The Worse, The Epidemic, Thumbs Up, Crash and Burn, Shot Dead, Out Cold, State Control, Dead Pedestrians, Toxic Narcotic, Midnight Creeps, Self Destruct, M.I.A, The Struggle, Mourningside, The Contrary, Czolgolsz, Ruksac, These Lies, No Regrad, 4 Minute Warning, The Knox, The Villains, No Trigger, Concrete Facelift, Kevorkians Angels, Earth Died Screaming, Street Dogs, Tommy & The Terrors, Darkbuster, Fast Actin Fuses, Mung , The Blue Bloods, The Marvels, Suspect Devive, Shitehawks, The Pug Uglies, Confront, Stray Bullets, The Spitzz, Jonnee Earthquake Ban, Kermits Finger, 12 Cent, The Commandos, Psycho, The Enemy Myself, Swat, Chanticlear, Mission Shifter, The Hymen Maneuver, The Sarcastics, Red Invasion, Paraplegics, Last Mission, The Vanished, USM and Destruct-a-thon.

V/A - Fear The Elements (Village Kids) 300.00 Php.
4 way split released in Germany featuring FAILURE from Batangas Philippines, END IS FOREVER from Germany, LOYAL TO THE GRAVE from Japan and JOHN DOE from Poland. You can expect a dazzling array of passionate hardcore, moshing metalcore, devilish grindcore attacks, and thrashing death metal.

V/A - Fiesta Comes Alive! Fiesta Grande Compilation (Slap-A-Ham) 350.00 Php.
40 songs out of print compilation on Slap-a-Ham with Spazz, Locust, Man is the Bastard, Enemy Soil, No Comment, MDC, Hellnation, GOB, Dystopia, Lack of Interest, Phobia, Cavity, Agents of Satan, His Hero is Gone, Capitalist Casualties, Excruciating Terror, Bludgeon, Plutocracy, Discordance Axis, Nuclear Armed Hogs, Stapled Shut, No Less, Noothgrush, Evolved to Obliteration, benumb, Crossed Out, Cattlepress, Cop Out and Utter Bastard. All live at Gilman.

V/A - No Hold Back, All Attack (Double CD) (Havoc) 400.00 Php.
It’s a 54 band double CD compilation. This record covers all the bases from grindcore, to crust, to SE Metalcore to pop punk and more. It’s a documentation of the Twin Cities Hardcorepunkrockandroll scene. Over all pretty essential listening for anyone into what's going on in Midwestern punk and hardcore today. Standout tracks by Provoked, Path of Destruction, Damage Deposit, Dillinger Four, Soviettes, Misery, Calloused, Holding On and more.

V/A - No Slow All Go (Half-Mast) 300.00 Php.
Compilation of 24 bands from Minneapolis U.S.A. featuring Code 13, Misery, State of Fear, Assrash, The Strike, Dilinger Four, The Quincy Punx, Threadbare, Man Afraid, The Kung Fools, The Murderers, and more.

V/A - Satisfaction Guaranteed (Newpost) 300.00 Php.
Live CD comp with Final Warning, 25 Ta Life, The Pist, Sheer Terror, Killing Time, Yuppicide, Awkward Thought, No Redeeming Social Value, Rejuvenate, Sealed With A Fist, Setback, No Win Situation, Six & Violence, Maximum Penalty, Stressboy, Terminal Confusion and Bugout Society. Sealed CD.

V/A - Sleepless Nights Covers Comp #1 (SNP) 250.00 Php.
CD comp with Chokehold, Battery, Falling Down, Thenceforward, Worlds Collide, Damnation, Premonition, Campfire, Line Drive, Mission To Murder, Cornelius, Act of Faith and Fragment.

V/A - The 49th Parallel (Donotconsume) 200.00 Php.
A variety of HC music style from ugly to beautiful and poetic representing DIY hardcore with Swallowing Shits, Still Life, Karenza, Tho Ko Losi, Eliot Rosewater, MK Ultra, Acrid, Three Studies For A Crucifixion, Submission Hold, Inept, Gates Of Dawn, Resin and Heautontimorumenus.

VIOLENT HEADACHE - Bombs Of Crust / False Terminal (Six Weeks) 350.00 Php.
Near legendary grind/crust band from Spain with their first and only full length record. Capturing the spirit of old Spanish bands like MG-15 or HHH and mixing it up with Disrupt and ENT influences. LP has 18 studio tracks and a Mau Mau’s cover. CD has the LP tracks as well as the unreleased 1995 LP “False Terminal” which has a distinctly more grindcore vibe adding up to an extra 53 tracks!! Sealed CD.

WAVES / HELLBOUND split (MCR Japan) 250.00 Php.
Waves from Kochi City, Japan features the ex-member of Judgement Disordery. Their songs are intense and something whirling deep into the darkside based of Kamikaze hardcore punk. Hellbound from Canada comes up with 100% pure crust core attack featuring the dual male / female vocal which reminds some what the bands from early 90’s like State of Fear, etc. Also comes up with 7” ep size sleeve.

WOJCZECH - Chronologic Discography 95-2002 (Dratsab) 300.00 Php.
Super raw and abrassive crust / thrash band from Germany, that's been going strong since the mid 90s. Included on this CD are a collection of their early recordings, including their split releases with Sarcasm, Abuso Sonoro, Groinchurn, and Cut Your Hair, plus a few bonus live tracks.

WOJCZECH - Sedimente (Selfmadegod) 300.00 Php.
Originating back in 1995, Germany's Wojczech have become one of the most famous groups on the worldwide grind scene. After a decade of existence the band unleashes its long awaited debut album Sedimente and detonates 11 shots of nihilistic rage, blast-beat fury and apocalyptic sound. Deranged, frenzied, super-tight metallic grind with hints of crust, thrash, hardcore, death metal and punk, this is GRIND A.D. 2005! Amazing recording production courtesy of Harris Johns at Spiderhouse Studio (Pestilence, Voivod, Sodom, Kreator). Highly recommended for fans of Assuck, Nasum, His Hero Is Gone.

WORDS THAT BURN - Spawning Ground for Hatred (Crimes Against Humanity) 350.00 Php.
Words that Burn play an insane mix of crust, grind, hardcore and metal with fast as hell songs, blazing riffs that stick to your brain and some seriously insane vocal tradeoffs mixing blood curdling growls and high pitched screams/shouts. These guys lay down some serious damage for only a three piece, that's for certain. Despite the speed on display here, Words that Burn have an extremely dense sound that gives you a claustrophobic feeling as if you're head will explode at any moment.


DEFECAL OF GERBE - Discolocauste (Show Me Your Tits)
Crazy and purulent splatter goregrind from France. This is enhanced cdr with 4 video bonus.

DIS(10)PUTES - Les Stations Du Poulet (Show Me Your Tits)
Raging D-beat from Quebec, Canada with ex-member from DAHMER, MESRINE...Enhanced cdr with 2 video bonus.

LOW FAT - Fresh Wasabi for Rotting Sushis (Show Me Your Tits)
Fastcore powerviolence with some Japcore touch from Thaïland.

Fastcore / powerviolence from France vs thrashy grindcore ala early Brutal Truth from Holland, 41 tracks, 45 minutes.

TINNER - Harder / Faster (Show Me Your Tits)
Fast & furious crust punks with a d-beat touch and sometimes a rock'n'roll feeling ala Disfear-style crust with the occasional Motörhead lick right from Finland!! They present a d-beat timebomb of 15 songs in thirteen minutes including the bonus AntiCimex cover song.

V/A - Path of Brutality (Multi-Label)
Compilation of 21 brutal death bands from 10 countries including DISCREATE from Philippines.


DISCREATE - Contingent Development of Inanimate Modifications (Rebirth The Metal)
Brutal technical death metal band from Manila. Released in Germany, limited to 150 copies.

FOREIGN CD-R (to be given away for FREE, just ask!!!)

BONE - Face Prison - Self -titled (Tenzenmen) FREE
Bone draw on the tone of ‘90s noise rockers Shellac and The Jesus Lizard and elements of mathletes Battles and Oxes.

ORLACS HANDLE - Self-titled (Tenzenmen) FREE
Everything that made Orlacs such a formidable and affecting live act is here: the gut-tearing screams; the shattered-glass guitars; the polyrhythmic, driving drums – but the six songs that make up the record are the real stars here. There aren’t many releases in this genre that pack so much originality and anguish into a package as compact as this one. This is a lost classic, and it’s about time it got the attention it deserves.


BAD OMEN - Unite & Fight (Middle Finger) 100.00 Php.
5th and latest album of Manila’s veteran punk quartet featuring 16 melodic punk songs. Sealed.

BYSTORM - Sumalangitnawa (Still Ill / Delusion of Terror / Major Malfunction) 200.00 Php.
Bystorm presents their debut full-length album featuring twelve track record of bone crushing metallic hardcore in the vein of early Catharsis crossed with “The Promise” era of Ringworm, including a cover song from Boston’s SSD.

BYSTORM / PULLING TEETH - Split (Take Four / Delusion of Terror / Major Malfunction) 200.00 Php.
Manila’s BYSTORM plays 11 tracks of mid-90’s influenced Clevo hardcore not unlike Ringworm including a cover of Detroit legends Earthmover’s “Money” while Baltimore’s PULLING TEETH shreds througg 5 manic songs reminiscent of classic bands like Left For Dead plus a full live set from WERS! Sealed.

HALF THE BATTLE / PLAY / FEUD 3 way split - It’s All in our Hands (Take Four / Delusion of Terror) 200.00 Php.
3 raging old school inspired hardcore bands from Philippines. Sealed.

GOO - In GOO We Trust (Couch) 250.00 Php.
Melodic punk band from Metro Manila area. Their long awaited full length album officially released in 2013. When I first heard their music, it was year 1998 when I got a copy of “Live at John’s Place Part I and II” bootleg cassette tape recorded compilation. Well, this album is sealed and superb in quality.

RICHARD COLLIER - For The Love of Death (Take Four) 200.00 Php.
Melodic poppy punk rock band from Cavite similar to Gameface and Ataris featuring 11 new songs plus 8 bonus songs taken from demos 2004 and 2006. Sealed.

THROW - Stand (Self-released) 150.00 Php.
A four piece old school hardcore band conceived in 2002, remnants of Dead Ends and Private Stock. This is their 4th album, featuring 23 songs.

UNFORCE - Time For Change (Multi-labels) 200.00 Php.
First full-length album from the Far South Resistance Scene StraightedgeYouth Crew Hardcore band based in Pagbilao, Quezon (Philippines) featuring 9 original heavy songs committed to spread the ideas and beliefs of hardcore lifestyle plus 1 anthemic cover song by the local hardcore veteran ‘FEUD’. Pro-CD and sealed, released by 4 record labels including M.Y.O.
200.00 Php. - retail price
150.00 Php. - wholesale, minimum of 5 copies
$8.00 - foreign single order
$5.00 - foreign wholesale price, minimum of 5 copies
If you get 10 copies or more, I’ll give you cheaper wholesale rates.
Plus you need to add shipping fee / postage.
Single and bulk trades are welcome!

V/A - First Attempt (Crank Music Relief) 200.00 Php.
A collaboration of various music from bands around Manila area. A mixture of what the new Philippine music scene is all about. Breeding strength from old school punk, progressive, thrash and death metal featuring Zone 32, Redboy, Precint 4, Sacramento, COG and Witchtreesymbol. Sealed.

V/A - Movin” Up, Movin’ On! (Still ILL / Delusion of Terror / Love From Hate) 200.00 Php.
New breed of local hardcore punk bands from Baguio City all the way down to Polomolok, South Cotabato. Bands included in this 71 minutes compilation are Random Violence, The Boxers, Forced March, Neverdie, Sacrifix, Value Lasts, The Skeleton Years, Tres Luse, Of Wolves And Swines, Frontal, Embrace The Absurd, Tiger Pussy, Keep Right, Monthly Red, The Victims, Holy Cow and Armas ng Lias. Included in this compilation is a thick booklet in a pro-pressed packaging.


BONDED BY CONVICTION - Self-titled (XthinkpositiveX) 200.00 Php.
Hailing from Far South Resistance Drug Free Hardcore. This guys plays Hardcore / metal / jazz genre and added some hardcore tunes. This was released from 2005 and reissue this 2010 with a new layout and of course added a tarpaulin type poster and sticker freebies. Get this while it lasts!!! A limited edition!!!

BRAWLER - Laguna Capital Hardcore (Railroad) 150.00 Php.
Hardcore metal thrash from Sta. Cruz, Laguna. This is their first ever full-length album. Sealed.

FRIENDSHIP 7 - Saranagati (Self-released) 20.00 Php.
3rd album of this Khrisna hardcore punk from Cavite. 20 songs of unrelentless straightedge khrisna crustcore violence and 15 songs of sweet radha krsna bhajans

MORKHGRAT - Self-titled (Independent Release) 150.00 Php.
One man metal army from Los Banos, Laguna formed in 2007. Almost One hour of black metal music featuring nine original songs plus two covers. LightScribe CD.

PATHOGEN / BRIMSTONE IN FIRE - Split “All Flesh Fades” (Lifespan Distro) 70.00 Php.
Unholy death metal alliance featuring four tracks from San Pablo, Laguna’s ’PATHOGEN’ highly influenced by Impetigo, Autopsy, Benediction, Dismember Repulsion, Master, and Pungent Stench, and five tracks from one of the 90’s Philippine death metal bands included in the local death metal compilation Sa Kabilang Anyo ng Buhay ‘BRIMSTONE IN FIRE’ delivering their very own brand of metal with a touch of Cynic, Death and Atheist.

PILEDRIVER - Santa Rosa City (Railroad) 120.00 Php.
Positive straightforward street-edge hardcore band from Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. This is their first full-length album released in 2006.

SACRIFIX / OPPRESSOR / EXPLONTOI - 3 Way Split (B.C.H.C.) 100.00 Php.
Crustcore band from Polomolok, South Cotabato / hardcore band from Bacolod / hardcore punk band from Polomolok, South Cotabato.

THE SKELETON YEARS - Beyond Lunacy and You (Still ILL) 150.00 Php.
Seven song debut of this dark, melodic punk rock band fom members of Richard Collier and Legarda. Deeply influenced by Joy Division and modern day acts such as Alkaline Trio.

V/A - Inscription of Revolution (Critical Bound) 120.00 Php.
3 way split featuring Red Corpse, Suicide Not Death, and Kontra Klasse bands dedicated to Tarlac Underground also known as The East Central Critical Resistance Scene. LightScribe CD.

V/A - Reforging Hells Ammunition: Davao Metal Stronghold Vol. 1 (Likhang Bakal Produktion) 130.00 Php.
Compilation of extreme metal bands from Davao City featuring Korihor, Decapitator, Ancient Horns, Zanthicus, Orum, Kundinar, Corpse Breeder, Lunop, Decapitated, Lapida, Parafearnalia, Apokalips, Sabnac and The Old Serpent.

V/A - Visayan Extreme Underground “The Reckoning” Compilation Vol. 2 (CEMP) 120.00 Php.
Volume 2 of this underground compilation of grindcore, death and black metal bands from Cebu, Samar, Dumaguete, Iloilo and Bacolod featuring Dark Ego, Sadistic Torment, 40 Diaz, Ex-Nihilo, Strappado, Death by Boredom, Vicryl 2.0, Bandilang Itim, Devoured Hindrance, Sangkay, Fallen Angel, Dried Lungs, Vampire State, El Sentencia, Salamander, and Genital Decay.


GINSENG LUZON - Transmission – EP 2011 (Self-released) 60.00 Php.
Rock trio based in Metro Manila consist of variety of stylistic elements from left-field forms ranging from hardcore and noise rock to heavy metal, math rock, and post punk.

GINSENG LUZON - Trauma Bonding – EP 2012 (Self-released) 60.00 Php.
Fugazi inspired songs mostly rooted in the later hardcore approach to songwriting fused with weird ideas and even stranger lyrical themes.

KNUCKLE BREAK - In Your Face – Demo 2013 (Love From Hate) 50.00 Php.
From the people of Tres Luse, Provoke and Betrayal of Praetorians comes this new band from Pampanga playing chugga chugga hardcore music with lyrics dealing with self-determination, false faith, unity and pride. Knuckle Break debut demo contains 6 songs and limited to 60 copies only. So if you’re a fan of the said genre, go grab a copy and mosh it up.

MONTHLY RED - I Hate My Boyfriend (Love From Hate) 50.00 Php.
Punk rock band from Pampanga featuring 5 demo songs. They started to invade the local scene on February 2013 and this demo was officially released on November 2013. Limited to 60 copies.

REVOLUTION X DEPARTMENT / STATE OF REBELLION - Freedom – Split Demo (Love From Hate) 50.00 Php.
Do you remember when there is no decent recording in your hometown and the only way you can record your songs is by using a cassette tape recorder? Well this split demo is how it sounds like. Both bands are from Santiago City, Isabela where there is a small existence of punk rock. Revolution X Department plays early nineties pinoy punk rock while State of Rebellion plays Khrishna hardcore. You may say the recording is shit but we don’t care about your comfort zone, this is DIY and we don’t give a shit. Limited to 60 copies.

TAKE THE BISCUIT - Demo 2013 (Self-released) 30.00 Php.
Hardcore from South Polomolok, Cotabato featuring the almighty Bodz.

V/A - Ing Balayan da reng Guinung Pasugal (Love From Hate) 50.00 Php.
Translated as “Land of the Gambling Lords”. Compilation of various bands from Pampanga scene featuring Spit End, Istukas Over Disneyland, Marcos Cronies, Cross The Line, SF Chrome, Urban Assault Crew, Nancy’s Donut, Bad Breaths, Bihag Ni Bahag, P.V.L.S., Amanova, Promise End, Crazy Beat, Sometimes Ordinary, Murder, Sickflies, Soir, Robinhood Crew, Juan Dread, Cocktones, Discrepancies, Agony, Another Mortal Sin, Popo And The Coots.

V/A - Prom Di Nort Vol. 2 (Northern Territory) 50.00 Php.
Compilation of 16 punk / hardcore / ska bands from the scenes of Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan and Tarlac also known as the Central Cause Scene of the Philippines featuring the following bands: Play, Skabeche, Critics, T.S.A., Istukas Over Disneyland, Marcos Cronies, Robinhood Crew, Spit End, Bad Omen, Mason, Spam, No Pressure, AxSxP, Red Corpse, Skampers and Knup Attack.

V/A - Shame N’ Skandal Vol. 1 (Shameless) 50.00 Php.
Compilation of 5 Philippine Ska bands featuring Skabeche, Space Flower, Marcos Cronies, The Scars and Jeepney Joyride. It comes with 16 page booklet.

V/A - Shame N’ Skandal Vol. 2 (Shameless) 50.00 Php.
Another compilation of 6 great ska bands from Philippines featuring The Neighbors, Skabeche, Marcos Cronies, Spaceflower, Big Mama Fortune and The Scambugs.

V/A - Shame N’ Skandal Vol. 3 (Shameless) 50.00 Php.
3rd edition of this great ska compilation series featuring 10 punk and ska acts from Philippines such as AxSxP, False Alarm, Gangplank, Marcos Cronies, Nevertheless, Pinkcow, Ruska, Skandollz, Spam, Skankers and the Rolling Monggos.

V/A - Shame N’ Skandal Vol. 4 (Shameless) 50.00 Php.
This is an international ska compilation featuring 20 local and foreign ska bands such as Neighbors, Marcos Cronies, Brownbeat, Link 80, Shuffle Union, Harmful If Swallowed, Hopskatch and more. A very nice collection for ska and ska punk fanatics. 20 tracks, 74 minutes playing time.


ANODYNE - Berkowitz (Alone) 150.00 Php.
New York-based hardcore band specializing in dense, brutal, cryptic, and murky sludge metal with flashes of dark punk and noisy ambience, delivered with all of the sonic subtlety of an avalanche.

BAD TASTE - Self-titled (Panx) 150.00 Php.
French band with strong NYHC style of music. Released in 1996.

BESK - What Went Wrong (Arson) 180.00 Php.
Five mad blasts of powerful Swedish hardcore. Like a raw version of Doom, but with a broader range of influences. Lyricwise, the Operation influences are totally gone on this EP and the band are going for a more direct approach towards the lyrics. Musicwise it's still anarchodriven crustpunk.

BG - The Congratulations (625 Thrashcore) 150.00 Php.
Fast, raw metallic hardcore (of the German style) from ex-members of Burned Up Bled Dry, Rash of Beatings and Brother Inferior. They crushed What Happens Next? and Life's Hault, and this 7" consist of 5 fierce songs and a Dicks cover!

BIOFEEDBACK - Karamihan ng Tao ay Pu’ (Mutilated Noise) 250.00 Php.
First ever vinyl release by the legendary 90’s hardcore band straight from Laguna, Philippines featuring 4 songs taken from their full-length cassette album “Hardtimes”. Limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl – light marble gray, light marble brown, and dark marble brown.

BRISTLE - The System (Havoc) 180.00 Php.
Seattle's Bristle was one of the better traditional punk bands of the 90's. Their fast aggressive style of punk rock was right at home in the days of the Pist and Aus Rotten. Bristle changed labels several times but their other releases include the Fired from Life 7", Won't Die for You LP, and Inner Conflict 7" on Beer City. Bristle broke up in 1999, but reformed in 2004. First pressing black vinyl.

CONELRAD - Slut & Slobs (Version City) 150.00 Php.
Conelrad was an American heavy metal duo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The group, consisting of Jeff Gretz (of From Autumn To Ashes and Zao) and Adam McGregor (formerly of Creation Is Crucifixion), formed in early 2001. They played at Mr. Roboto Project in 2003,[2] and released a 7-inch record and a CD. In mid-2005 went on a break. Sporadic activity since then has seen only 2 performances and the release of a 7-inch EP. Their style has been described as a mixture of Carcass and Lightning Bolt, and features spoken word as well as shrieks;[4] Pittsburgh Live referred to the band's music as "experimental lunacy.

CRIPPLE HEROES - Cycle of Oppression (Diabloarchy) 150.00 Php.
USA political crust mayhem from Ohio. This vinyl is out of print from ‘98.

DEATHBAG - Self-titled (Get The Axe) 150.00 Php.
Here is the only 7" by Deathbag, six tracks of Discharge/Raw Power influenced punk rock. This record is killer, fast, raw, and they even cover Raw Power's "Fuck Authority", cowbell and all. Lyrics are included in the file.

FEUD - For The Sake of Unity? (Mutilated Noise) 300.00 Php. or discounted price at 800.00 Php. if you get the 3 colors
Featuring remastered songs from the classic “For The Sake of Unity” MCD originally released by Take 4 Collective in 2001. Positive,Political, Powerful sxe hardcore band from Philippines. Comes in blue, red and black vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.

HALF GORILLA / KURSK - Split (Just Say No) 150.00 Php.
HALF GORILLA are from Milwaukee, WI play four songs that have a really thick, pummeling sound. KURSK, who have been forced to change their name to WOLBACHIA, are from Winnipeg, MB are here with three tracks that are best described as the grinding sound of gears in a machine. Blue color vinyl.

INSANE'N THE BRAIN - Self-titled (Answer) 180.00 Php.
Japan grind/hardcore thrashers insane in the brain’s sophomore 7” is four tracks of very well played in your face Japanese thrash. The vocals are more straight forward and are not as weird as the previous 7”, but the music is more interesting and tighter.

ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND / R.A.B. Split (Multi-labels) 200.00 Php.
Philippines’ Pampanga’s Best Istukas Over Disneyland’s 2nd vinyl release split with R.A.B. from France. Each band play 2 songs, a brand new and a cover of the other band’s song. Great influence of hardcore punk to the international underground DIY community.

KULTURKAMPF - Existence (Trench Rot) 150.00 Php.
Finally the new E.P. out by these upstate N.Y. thrash warriors. After getting out and playing around a lot in the past year, they have certainly gotten tighter and it shows here on this record. They have gotten quite a bit heavier as well. Features 3 originals and 1 cover. Hand numbered out of 300.

NO ADMISSION - Self-titled (Crass Mas) 180.00 Php.
Swedish crust punk from 97. Out of print.

PYURIA - I’ll Eat Your Brains (Diabloarchy) 150.00 Php.
Brutal grindcore from Canada. I love this EP!

THE BRISTLES - We’re In Till The End (Beer City) 180.00 Php.
Pogo punk / street punk style band based in Northern New Jersey - United States. The band existed for a number of years during the early to mid 1990's.

V/A - DISOPPRESS (Disoppress) 180.00 Php.
7" comp with Capitalist Casualties, Cease & Desist, Konstrukt, Dead End, President's Choice, Depressor, O.P.P.S. and Abstain

V/A - HOMO HOMINI LUPUS (McGyver) 150.00 Php.
7" comp with Autoritar, Shank, Gomorrha, Pink Flamingos, Calloused, Irritate, Comatose and S.C.D.

V/A - PAYOLL BENEFIT (Bad Inluence) 150.00 Php
Black Vinyl. Hardcore compilation album that was released as a benefit for a squat in Brazil. Handmade cardboard packaging. Released by Bad Influence Records and imported from Germany. Bands on here include Diavolo Rosso, Seuchenherd, Revolte, Difekto, Wut-Entbrannt, Faulter, Spinebender and more.

V/A - RESISTANCE IS FUTILE... ASSIMILATE (Invertabrata) 150.00 Php
7" comp with Grievance, Stalingrad, No Comply and Konstrukt

V/A - TAKING LIBERTIES (Anarchist Black Cross) 180.00 Php
7" comp with Seein' Red, Unhinged, Suffer and Opstand. 6 tracks of political punk music.

V/A - THE BOREDOM AND THE BULLSHIT (Refusenik) 180.00 Php
7" comp with Voorhees, Stalingrad, Kitchner, One By One, PigPile, Marker, Manfat, State of Filth, Headache and Nerves

V/A - UPS: THE RECORD (UPS) 150.00 Php
7" comp with Sin Dios, Boycott, Shears, Visions Of War, PCP, Pain Of Few and Dekadent.

WHIPPED / INHUMANE - Split (Sabotage Earth) 150.00 Php
3 songs by Seattle's most drunken crusties, Inhumane and 3 more by the intense male/female hardcore trio from Seattle, Whipped. If you've never heard this, you had better! Includes 2 posters.

WORLDS COLLIDE - Object of Desire / Absolution (Victory) 150.00 Php
Powerful hardcore with metal / machine gun guitars; some experimental elements, but mostly on the "safer side", released in 1992.


BAD OMEN - Black Cat (Multi-Labels) 650.00 Php.
Remastered songs from their first self-titled album originally released on cassette format by Middle Finger Productions in 1994. Clear blue vinyl with black cover sleeve is the only color available from MYO Distro.

KOSJER D - Self-titled (Genet) 400.00 Php.
Kosjer D was a Belgian emo band, when emo wasn't the sole territory of unhappy kids wanting to hurt themselves or thought the whole emo thing was good for their image. Some of their members went on to play in Reiziger and later in Confuse The Cat. They have one LP and one 7” ep.. The cover of this LP appears to be screen printed on a heavy card-stock record mailer,


LA ESCENA (Disco De Hoy / Southkore ) 400.00 Php
La Escena is a documentary of the history of the Puerto Rican punk scene released in 2007.The story of “la escena,” which is what they refer to punk as in P.R., is told through various people from different facets who have been around for a while. The film starts off with the first wave talking about the beginnings, what it means, why they did it, sharing experiences, and why they are still around. Then they go into things like the C.P.P.R., which is a large contingent of skinheads who have national pride, but claim to not be fascist or racist. The news footage of them walking through town and the bewildered reporters is a good laugh. Then there are the effects of rock en Español, and how it affected the punk scene. As expected, no one seems thrilled with it and felt it drained a bit of the energy from “la escena” itself. The first wave eventually disintegrates from the usual apathy, drugs, and alcohol. Then they bring in some of the young, like Jose, who have learned from the mistakes of the past and intend to build something stronger. So it ends on a hopeful note. Only time will tell. The quality is great, and they keep the pace moving, never belaboring one point. So instead of renting some turd like American Hardcore, why not get this instead? Very professionally done.


NO BULLSHIT ZINE #10 with TOXEMIA “Promo CDr 2013 100.00 Php.
Philippine underground publication featuring interviews with Brimstone in Fire, Delusion of Terror, Surrogate Prey, Incapacity, Paganfire, Rabies, Isvarah, Mass Hypnosia, The Way of Purity, and Nuclear Punishment. Plus tons of audio, zine and gig reviews. It also comes with TOXEMIA “Promo CDr 2013. This band is an old school oriented savage & gloomy death metal based in Cavite, Philippines.

TRIPALIUM ZINE #5 70.00 Php.
After a long period of hibernation, the 5th issue of this zine finally emerged to help the local and foreign underground metal bands to promote their releases, activities and other stuff. Interviews were conducted to Down From The Wound, Jig Ai, Pathogen, Inhumate, Toxemia, Ataul, Wake, Heaving Earth, Demiurge Digital / Noiseworks Studio, Entrails Massacre, Infested, Spasm and Proletar. If you have no idea what underground metal scene is all about, buy this informative reading material and educate yourself!


BAD OMEN - Black Cat 50.00 Php.